Critical Spares Packs

Many electronic components can become obsolete within a relatively short time frame, often within just 3-5 years. As technology advances, this obsolescence becomes an even greater problem, with many manufacturers unable to ensure that replacements are “Backwards Compatible” and therefore, usable without upgrades to other components.

This problem becomes a real headache when the machinery has a much longer lifespan than the components controlling it.

A prime example of this is the Frequency Inverters. Many of our machine systems can have between 8 and 12 of these units, in varying sizes, which are now out of manufacture and obsolete. Some units remain in the supply chain, however, the availability of them will diminish as stocks are used.

This is where Obsolescence Management and KALTENBACH Ltd with our “Critical Spares Packs” can make perfect sense.

We offer a FOC visit to survey your equipment and will produce a Critical Spares Pack quotation, along with any additional recommendations to ensure your machine can perform at its best

By holding critical spares in stock, customers will safeguard their production by having the back-up parts readily available and, by having them on site, be able to get the machinery back up and running much faster than, and at less cost than by waiting for spares to be sourced and supplied.

KALTENBACH Ltd would, in an ideal world, hold all spares for all machines however this is sadly not practical. Our heritage in the UK goes back over 40 years and whilst we endeavour to hold as many parts as possible, it is impossible to hold all parts for all machines and, in the quantities that would be required.

We strongly recommend that our customers, with ”mission critical” machines from KALTENBACH, safeguard their productivity by holding a recommended critical spares pack.

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