Painting Systems

The Kaltenbach Primer Series Sprint and Marathon are constructed to pre-heat, paint and dry not only plates and tubes but also profiles. Together with the Kaltenbach shotblasters they build a complete preservation line.

A light curtain detects the material height for adjusting the upper sprayguns automatically to the correct height. A special control for avoiding double coatings and the precise detection of throughput position reduces the overspray to a minimum. The drying booth layout reduces waste volume. Non-adhesive foil at the walls and an optimised airflow in the booth simplifies cleaning.

A separate fine filter reduces the dust share in the exhaust air to the recommended minimum. optimized concept in respect of paint use, drying times and maintenance to achieve economical operation, low paint consumption due to ideal spray gun concept, complete material painting in a single movement, suitable for use with water-soluble and/or solvent-based paints, gauge option in preheater and after dryer fitted to the material load, energy & time saving drying process due to ideal combination of multiple air flow loops supported by gas heating, as required, dependant on ambient-temperature, integrated chain conveyor transport system during drying process for movement free transport of freshly painted material, minimized cleaning times, extendable with after burning systems



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