Shotblast Systems

Shot Blasting series at a glance: Rust, mill scale, impurities. Before steel is fit to be processed it has to be cleaned (read: shot blasted). This is carried out by hurling shot, like small metal balls or cut wire, against the product at a velocity of approximately 80 Mtr/s. Besides cleaning plates or profiles more and more companies are also shot blasting welded constructions. In this way, they optimize the result even after fabrication. KALTENBACH has the right solution for both possibilities.

SPRINT SERIES-Cost effective shot blast systems for cleaning plates, profiles and tubes. MARATHON SERIES-The Long-Distance Runner. Powerful shot blast systems for cleaning plates, profiles and tubes. TRIATHLON SERIES-When steel is also welded to a complete construction, we offer the All Rounder. Shot blast systems for cleaning plates, profiles, tubes as well as welded constructions. SYSTEM INTEGRATION & CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION Shot blast Solutions for your individual needs.


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