• Production Plant - Lörrach, Germany

    Since its foundation in 1887 the production plant in Lörrach (Germany) has been the parent company and headquarters of KALTENBACH. KALTENBACH began with the manufacture of machine tools and agricultural machinery with the company specializing in circular sawing machines from 1953.

  • Production Plant - Burnhaupt, France

    The building of the production plant in Burnhaupt (France) was started in the year 1987. It was completed and opened in 1989. At this production plant, the transport systems are produced. These include roller conveyors and systems for cross transport, which permit optimal flow of material.

  • Production Plant - Hengelo, Netherlands

    In 2009 KALTENBACH acquired the complete shotblast and painting business from the Gietart Machinefabriek B.V. The Gietart Maschinenfabriek was founded in 1922 and has been working together with KALTENBACH for 30 years.

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