• Kratos (C380) Spares Pack

    4 Sets turbine blades, 2 Impellers, 2 Adjustment cages
    Set of 12 brushes (Standard G402.411107), Set of 6 filters (Standard G291.2911481)
    2 Curved wear plates, 2 Straight wear plates, 10m Shot supply hose, includes a twice yearly Inspection Visit.

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  • Kratos (C380) Spares Pack +

    All of the above plus…
    Pollard bearing complete with connecting pieces, An extra 10m shot supply hose
    Turbine bearing repair kit, Complete elevator belt, includes a twice yearly Inspection Visit

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  • Pollard Bearing Components

    The Pollard/Suspension bearing can now be ordered complete or, as individual components

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  • C380 Turbine Bearing Repair Kit

    Turbine bearing shaft and bearings can now be replaced providing the casting is intact

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  • Elevator Belt Complete

    The elevator belt can now be supplied complete with buckets fitted.  Saving 2-3 hours assembly time on site

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