Profile Drilling Machines

Profile Drilling Machines are available in different versions, depending on the needs and applications: KDE, KDM and KDL. The KDE series reveals its economic benefits pri­marily in plant and in light to medium steel con­struction. The KDM series is particularly suitable for more stringent demands, the use of automa­tic tool changers and carbide drilling tools The flagship of the KALTENBACH drills, the KDL se­ries is particularly suitable for large-sized and heavy profiles.

Machines built with German build quality. Efficient drilling, pop-marking, countersinking and tapping, scribing on all three drilling axes, and also on additional fourth axis possible, milling on all three drilling axes possible, machinery portal in robust welded construction to hold two horizontal and one vertical, respectively linearly guided, drilling units, three drilling axes, each with one (KDE), five (KDM) or six (KDL) tools and manual (KDE) or automatic (KDM, KDL) tool change-system, can be combined with sawing and drilling systems or drilling-notching systems, fast service support through help desk via remote support


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